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Patio Covers


This flexibility can seem unattainable when dealing with the typical Patio Contractor. Our design team at Signature Quality Patios, on the other hand, takes pride in bringing a next level approach to our projects in the Austin area.  We strive to address our customers’ needs unlike any other company.

We combine the “Elitewood” Solid Insulated Patio Cover with an Open Lattice Patio Cover to create a custom designed Combination Patio Cover system.  The Signature Quality Patios team has decades of experience and have built hundreds of Combination Patio Covers over the years.  We go above and beyond industry standards and offer our customers a finished product that they will enjoy for years to come.

Quality is of the primary importance to us, which is why we only use the “Elitewood” Patio Cover systems by Four Seasons Building Products.  These products are the toughest and most durable aluminum Patio Cover materials on the market.  Elitewood was engineered to endure the heat, wind and rain that Central Texas commonly experiences throughout any given year, protecting your investment.  For even more peace of mind, Four Seasons backs all of their Patio Cover systems with a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Limited Warranty that is transferable by ownership.

There are many benefits to using an alternative material to wood in Central Texas given the weathering that very quickly occurs in our region.  Traditional Wood Patio Covers commonly have issues with dry rot and termites…this will NEVER be the case with Elitewood!  There is very little maintenance necessary to keep your Patio Cover looking as good as the day it was installed.  Clearing off settled dust and pollen with a simple garden hose is really all the maintenance that is required.  The sealed roll-form design is impenetrable by water, vermin and insects.  In addition, there is a Kynar 500®  coating that is baked on to all of the aluminum componentry, creating a rust proof system with unsurpassed longevity and durability.


Free In-Home Design Consultation

We provide a FREE In-Home Design Consultation to offer expert advice and guidance to help you custom design your project exactly how you want it. We’ll work with you to develop a practical design that will maximize the value of your home as well as your quality of life by evaluating your functional needs and aesthetic preferences, all while keeping your budget in mind.  We must also understand the project location’s environmental conditions, as well as any local city ordinances or neighborhood criteria we must adhere to.


Develop a Detailed Proposal

Following our initial consultation, we create a comprehensive proposal that outlines the entire scope of the project with an overall price. We NEVER charge our customers extra fees or hidden expenses that were not included in our proposal.  A proposed start date will be determined upon acceptance of our proposal.


Pre-Construction Conference

Before any work is performed; we have a pre-construction meeting with the client, our team lead, and the design expert on the first day of the installation to “walk the job” and map out all of the project’s details. This step ensures that we’re all on the same page and that everybody is aware of the installation strategy before we begin.

Our crews clean up all tools and debris collected during the building process at the end of each workday. Our goal is to make the construction process as painless as possible from start to finish.

Materials & Installation

Color Options

The “Elitewood” Solid Insulated Panels from Four Seasons Building Products are the primary components we use for the Solid Patio Cover construction.

The “Elitewood” panels are interlocking structural roof panels that are 3″ thick and come in multiples of 4′ wide. The inner core is made of Expanded Polystyrene foam, which is laminated on both sides, interior and exterior, and embossed with a textured surface.

The Polystyrene insulation at the core of each panel reduces radiant heat gain by up to 25 degrees, resulting in significant energy savings.  It also protects your furniture and electrical components by providing a leak-free, weather-tight environment. There are four color options for the panels: White, Wheat, Eggshell & Sandstone.  The componentry (headers, posts, rafters, end cuts) on the other hand, are available in seven different colors: White, Wheat, Ivory, Brown, Adobe & Desert Sand.

End Cut Options

Elitewood Solid Insulated Roof panels are so strong, other workmen (roofers, gutter repairmen, window washers, painters) can walk on them to access other parts of your residence.  The panels come to completion with an integrated rain gutter seamlessly married into the design.  The large catch gutter system was developed to be as stealth as possible, while providing continuous drainage.  This gutter system has a permanent leaf guard that prevents leaves and debris from clogging the gutter while allowing drainage to flow freely.  An elegant 2” x 6 1/2” exterior fascia completes the look.

For the Lattice sections, we utilize Four Seasons Building Products’ “Elitewood” Lattice products.  The Lattice is embossed to simulate the feel and look of real wood and is stamped with a Driftwood texture.

Electrical wiring is run into an interior channel that is molded into the panel during the manufacturing process.  This alleviates the need to cut into the panel and keeps all wiring contained inside it, rather than seeing exposed conduit on your new project.  These panels are fastened to the house using an extruded C-Channel that is lagged to the wall’s internal structure.

Versatility & Protection

Customization of your “Elitewood” Combination Patio Cover is on a project by project basis.  When it comes to attachment point, we have the option of an eave mount or roof mount attachment, giving you some flexibility in mounting choices that conforms to what works best for the profile of your home. This “Elitewood” system seamlessly integrates fans, recessed lighting, and other electrical components to give you the functionality your family needs to relax and enjoy your patio space.  There is never a concern about water penetrating your electrical componentry, because we use a 3” poly-butyl rubber sealing tape to fully seal the panels.  This sealant forms an impenetrable bond between each panel, between the panels and the attachment channel on the home, and between the panel and the integrated gutter.